Fall 2017

•December 7, 2017

"Technological Transfer to the Brazilian Aircraft Industry: Explaining Embraer’s Success"

Nelson Altamirano, Visiting Scholar

National University

Nelson A


•November 16, 2017

"Sino-Latin American Relations: A Cultural Perspective"

Han Li, Visiting Scholar

Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

 Han Li

•November 9, 2017

"Exchange rate policies in Latin America"

Susana Nudelsman, Visiting Scholar 

University of Buenos Aires



•October 12, 2017

"Life trajectories and Experience. The process of Health/Illness/Treatment for substance consumption among Mexican migrants in California and Baja California"

Olga L. Olivas Hernández is an Assistant Project Scientist Professor

UC San Diego, Anthropology


•October 11, 2017

Fall reception sponsored by CCIS, CILAS, LAS, and US Mex

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