Disciplinary and Thematic Concentrations

M.A. students in Latin American studies who are interested in specific disciplines or research topics may apply for a disciplinary or thematic concentration. Currently students may choose from concentrations in cultural studies, gender studies, international migration, history, and sociology.

In addition to the general requirements for all candidates applying for admission to the Master of Arts in Latin American studies, applicants to a concentration must submit a statement explaining their intellectual and career interests in that specific area of study. Applications from new students will be considered for the fall quarter. Current students in the Latin American studies master’s program may apply in the spring quarter of their first year.

M.A. students who were previously enrolled as undergraduates at UCSD will not be allowed to repeat courses for credit toward the concentration. In all cases there are alternatives, and those students will be expected to take other classes to fulfill the requirements.

General Concentration Requirements

To receive the master of arts in Latin American studies with a concentration, a student must

  1. Demonstrate foreign language competence in Spanish or Portuguese.
  2. Maintain a 3.0 GPA in forty units of course work (about ten courses) to be completed as follows:
    1. Complete the Latin American Studies Basic Seminar Sequence: twelve units must be taken in the required Core Seminar in Latin American Studies (LATI 200, four units), four units in approved theory seminar, and four units in approved methodology seminar.
    2. Complete sixteen units within the specifications of the concentration (as specified below). All of the concentration units must be taken at the graduate level (200 level), and a maximum of two undergraduate-level courses (100 level) may be upgraded to graduate-level 298 courses.
    3. Complete twelve units of general electives within the specification of the concentration (as specified below). At least 50 percent of the general elective units must be taken at the graduate level (200 level).
  3. Successfully complete a master’s thesis on a topic relevant to the area of concentration.

Specific Concentrations and Requirements

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