Concentration in International Migration

In addition to the Latin American Studies Core Sequence (LATI 200, Theory Seminar, Methodology Seminar), a student must complete the following units as concentration course work and general electives in order to receive a Master's in Latin American Studies with a concentration in International Migration:

  1. One course focused on economic and social factors in international migration (four units).
  2. One course focused on Immigration Policy (4 units).
  3. One course focused on Latin American international migration (four units).
  4. One course of directed reading (four units in a 298 course, focused on a topic relevant to Latin American migratory movements).
  5. General Electives: The remaining twelve units must be taken as follows: one course from the approved list of courses on Latin America (four units), four units of directed reading (298), and four units of Independent Research (299).

Completion of the degree is normally expected within two academic years of three quarters full-time academic work plus one summer session. Those individuals needing (a) intensive language instruction,( b) part-time employment, or (c) extensive field research for the thesis may require longer. While there is no maximum amount of time students can take to complete the program, students are only eligible to recieve Univeristy financial support for a maximum of 7 quarters.

Note:  With approval of his/her advisor, students may take other seminars and courses that do not appear on the approved list, provided that the content of the work that they do is directly related to Laitn American issues, topics or themes.  Any course that is not on the list must be petitioned by filling out a petition form with the Latin American Studies Student Affairs Officer.

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