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About Portuguese

With more than 260 million speakers in 8 different countries, Portuguese is the fifth most spoken language in the world and the fourth most studied. Many people find that after learning Portuguese it is easier for them to learn Italian, French and Spanish. The reverse is true and many spanish speakers are interested in learning Portuguese.

Why learn Portuguese?

Learning Portuguese can open the doors in a variety of ways. Brazil is a vast country, an emerging world economic power but yet faced with many social challenges. "Brazil's voice cannot be ignored on issues of importance to the developed world such as foreign trade, climate change, energy (bio fuels and oil), food, water and human rights." BBC Latin America, May 24 2010.


Beginner courses: LIPO 1A/AX  and LIPO 1D/DX (Fall ), LIPO 1B/BX (Winter), LIPO 1C/CX (Spring)
Intermediate courses: LIPO 15 ( Fall), LIPO 16 (Winter) and LIPO 17 (Spring)

For more information visit the Portuguese web page at the Linguistics Language Program: