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CILAS & LAS Affiliated Faculty

The Center for Iberian & Latin American Studies at UCSD works closely with university faculty from a wide range of departments and with diverse expertise.

Latin American Studies Graduate Students:  Click here for information on Thesis Committee Membership.

Department of Anthropology

Guillermo Algaze, Ph.D., Professor
Algaze is an expert on Near Eastern, Anatolian, and Mesopotamian archaeology, early civilizations, and complex societies.

Geoffrey Braswell, Ph.D., Professor
Braswell is an expert on the archaeology of Mexico and Central America, particularly the ancient Maya civilization.

Thomas Csordas, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor
Tom Csordas is an expert on cultural phenomenology and embodiment, globalization and social change, language and culture.

Paul Goldstein, Ph.D., Professor
Goldstein is an expert on complex societies, anthropological archaeology, Latin America, Peru and Andean South America, El Nino, and ancient climate change.

John B. Haviland, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor
Haviland is an anthropological linguist, with interests in the social life of language. His major research has been on Tzotzil (Mayan) in highland Chiapas.

Janis H. Jenkins, Ph.D., Professor
Jenkins is an expert on psychological and medical anthropology, mental health, and Mexican and Central American migrants.

David Pedersen, Ph.D., Associate Professor
David Pedersen is an expert on relations between El Salvador and the United States, particularly the recent decades of Salvadoran migration.

Nancy Grey Postero, Ph.D., Professor
Postero is an expert on political economy, multiculturalism, citizenship, identity, indigenous politics, development, and non-governmental organizations.

Kathryn Woolard, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Woolard is an expert on linguistic anthropology, language and ethnicity, bilingual communities, language ideology, and political discourse.

Rihan Yeh, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Linguistic anthropology. Research looks closely at everyday interactions and narratives in order to unpack how the border’s highly unequal dynamics take root in people’s subjective sense of themselves and of the collectivities – the “we”s – they belong to.

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Mario J. Molina, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor
Molina is the 1995 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry for his research on the threat to the ozone layer. His current research involves assessing and mitigating the air pollution problems of rapidly growing cities around the world.

Department of Cognitive Science

Rafael Núñez, Ph.D., Professor
Rafael Núñez is an expert in how the human mind creates abstraction. His particular interest is in high-level cognitive phenomena.

Department of Communication

Brian Goldfarb, Ph.D., Associate Professor/Assistant Chair
Goldfarb is a digital media artist, curator, and educator. His research and visual media production focuses on media studies and contemporary visual and digital culture.

Matilde Córdoba Azcárate, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Azcárate’s research specializes in critical tourism development, space production and heritage politics in contemporary southern Mexico (Yucatan) and Spain. 

Daniel C. Hallin, Ph.D., Professor
Hallin is an expert on U.S. media coverage of Latin America and comparative analysis of media and politics.

Olga A. Vásquez, Ph.D., Associate Professor Emeritus/CREATE
Vásquez is an expert on bilingualism and biculturalism, education, literacy, after-school learning and education for the global context.

Elana Zilberg, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Zilberg's research interests include global flows of people, money, and commodities. She is currently working on the policing and deportation of Salvadoran immigrant gang youth and their reception in El Salvador.

Department of Economics

Marc-Andreas Muendler, Ph.D., Professor
Muendler is an expert on international trade and international finance with a focus on trade and investment policies and their effects on domestic industries and labor markets.

James Rauch, Ph.D., Professor
Rauch is an expert on International Trade, Economic Growth and Development.

Department of Education Studies

Cheryl Forbes, M.A. and Ed.D., Lecturer/Director of Teacher Education
Forbes' research interests center on language development and identity construction among bilingual children and youth, as well as the preparation of teachers for linguistically and culturally diverse settings.

Jacobs School of Engineering

Jose I. Restrepo, Ph.D., Professor
Restrepo is an expert on seismic design of buildings for improved response during earthquakes.

Department of Ethnic Studies

Robert R. Alvarez, Ph.D., - Professor Emeritus
Alvarez is an expert on national and regional identity in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands.

Kirstie Dorr, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Dorr is an expert on critical race, gender and transnational cultural studies.

Ross Frank, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Frank is an expert on northern Mexico during the colonial and early national period, and on Native American history and culture.

Daphne Taylor-Garcia, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Taylor-Garcia is an expert in comparative colonialisms in the Americas; the coloniality of gender, sexuality, and being; visual economies of the casta system and plantation slavery.

Ana Celia Zentella, Ph.D., - Professor Emeritus
Zentella is one of the foremost researchers in “anthro-political linguistics”; other research interest include bilingualism, child language specialization, Latino Spanish and English Dialect

Department of History

Ben Cowan, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Cowan’s interest in right wing radicalism, morality, sexuality and 20th century imperialism has led him to research focused on Cold War Brazil, with a specialization in the cultural and gender history of the post-1964 era.

David G. Gutiérrez, Ph.D., Professor/Academic Senate Distinguished Teacher
Gutiérrez is an expert on Chicano history, the history of the American Southwest, comparative ethnic studies, and immigration.

Christine Hunefeldt, Ph.D., Professor
Hunefeldt's research interests include economic and social history of the Andean region, slavery and abolition, and women and family history.

Natalia M. Molina, Ph.D., Professor
Molina is an expert on comparative ethnicities, Latina/o history, and public health attitudes toward immigrants.

Michael Monteón, Ph.D., Emeritus
Monteón is an expert on Latin America's political economy, who has written on Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Latin American labor and the region's debt crises.

Pamela Radcliff, Ph.D., Professor/Chair
Radcliff's research interests include Spanish politics, culture, and Labor Reform in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.

David R. Ringrose, Ph.D. -  Professor Emeritus
Ringrose is an expert on early modern Europe, with an emphasis on the economic history of Europe and the history of Spain.

Eric Van Young, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Van Young's current research is on a biography of the Mexican statesman and historian Lucas Alaman. 

Dana Velasco Murillo, Ph.D., Associate Professor/Vice Chair of Undergraduate Studies
Murillo is an expert on the histories of native peoples and women in early Latin America (1492 to 1810). Her current work is centered in colonial Mexico's northern silver-mining district.

Mathew Vitz, Ph.D., Associate Professor
His recent book reinterprets Mexico City’s rapid 20th century growth as a series of social conflicts and scientific disputes over the material environment in which a technocratic-industrial urban vision prevailed over more environmentally just alternatives springing from the politics of the Mexican Revolution.

Daniel Widener, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Widener is an expert on African-American and California history.  

School of Global Policy and Strategy (formerly IR/PS)

Peter Cowhey, Ph.D., Dean/Qualcomm Endowed Chair
Peter Cowhey is an internationally recognized expert in telecommunications and information policy and markets.

Richard Feinberg, Ph.D., Professor
Professor Feinberg is an authority on U.S. foreign policy, multilateral institutions, and summitry.

Stephan Haggard, Ph.D., Professor
Professor Haggard's research interests center on the international relations and comparative political economy of East Asia and Latin America. 

Gordon Hanson, Ph.D., Professor
Professor Hanson is an authority on foreign investment, the economics of immigration, and international trade. 

Sandra L. Pedregal, M.A., Lecturer
Ms. Pedregal teaches content-oriented, Spanish language courses at advanced levels. Past course themes have included technology and science; international politics and economics; business and maquiladoras; and, environmental policy.  

Department of Linguistics

Eric Bakovic, Ph.D., Professor/Chair
Bakovic is an expert on the sound patterns of the Spanish spoken in Latin American and the Iberian Peninsula.

Gabriela Caballero Hernandez, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Caballero Hernandez is an expert on description and documentation of indigenous languages of the Americas and crosslinguistic and intralinguistic variation in phonology and morphology.

Emily Clem, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Clem's research involves documentation, description, and analysis of the syntax, semantics, and morphology of indigenous languages of Amazonia, particularly Amahuaca (Panoan).

Grant Goodall, Ph.D., Professor/LLP Director
Goodall is an expert on syntactic theory, structure of Spanish, second language acquisition and methodology of language teaching.

John C. Moore, Ph.D., Professor/Dean UG Education
Moore's research interests include Spanish syntax, causative and restructuring constructions, and lexical semantics.

Department of Literature

John Blanco, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Blanco is an expert on Filipino Literature, 19th century Latin American and Caribbean Literature, and Anti-Colonial Thought.

Robert Cancel, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Cancel is an expert on Caribbean and African literature and Third World Studies

Gloria Chacon, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Chacon's interests lay in Indigenous literatures of the Americas; Chican@/Latin@ literary and cultural movements; Central American poetics and politics; US Central Americans; Latin American literary and cultural theories.

Jaime Concha, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Concha is a specialist in 19th Century Latin American intellectual history and Latin American Poetry.

Stephanie Jed, Ph.D., Professor
Jed is a Professor of Italian and Comparative literature: The Renaissance, History of Writing, Women's Studies.

Sara Johnson, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Johnson research includes 19th and 20th century literature of the Spanish Caribbean literature, popular culture in the Caribbean.

Misha Kokotovic, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Kokotovic is a specialist in Central American and Andean Literatures as well as Latin American(ist) cultural theory and political economy.  

Jorge Mariscal, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Mariscal is an expert on Latinos in the U.S. military (past and present) and Chicano history with a focus on the Chicano Movement of the 1960s.

Luis Martín-Cabrera, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Luis Martín-Cabrera is an expert on Peninsular and Latin American Literature and Culture (Transatlantic Studies).

Max Parra, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Parra's research interests include Latin American Literature, Mexican literature, Caribbean literature, and Indigenismo Narrative.

Beatrice M. Pita, Ph.D., Lecturer
Pita's research interests include women's fiction, California narratives, and Latin American short stories.

Rosaura Sánchez, Ph.D., Professor
Sánchez research interests include Chicana literature, gender studies, and Marxist theory.

School of Medicine

Kimberley C. Brouwer, Ph.D., Professor/Vice Chair for Public Health Education, Dept of Family Medicine and Public Health
Brouwer's research interests includes infectious disease epidemiology, geographic information systems, and migrant health.

Richard S. Garfein, PhD, M.P.H., Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Public Health
Garfein is an expert on behavioral transmission of blood borne viral infections, including HIV, HBV.

Vivian Reznik, M.P.H., M.D., Assistant Vice Chancellor/Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Reznik's research interests include youth violence prevention, cultural competency.

Steffanie A. Strathdee, Ph.D., Associate Dean/Harold Simon Professor - Department of Medicine
Strathdee is an expert in epidemiology, infectious diseases and border health.

Jose Suarez. M.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Public Health
Suarez is an expert in understanding the role of environmental contaminants on brain development and metabolic alterations of children and adults. He conducts work in Ecuador.

Maria Luisa Zúñiga, Ph.D., Associate Professor - Department of Pediatrics
Zúñiga is an expert on behavioral, epidemiology, community based research and HIV/AIDS health care service.

Department of Philosophy

Manuel Vargas, Ph.D., Professor
Explores ethics, the history of Mexican philosophy, agency, moral philosophy and sociality.

Department of Political Science

Marisa Abrajano, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Abrajano is an expert on campaigns and elections, political behavior, Latino politics, and race and politics in the United States.

Scott Desposato, Ph.D., Professor
Scott Deposato is an expert on area comparative politics, especially political parties, legislatures, and elections.

Paul Drake, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Drake is a distinguished professor and emeritus in Political Science. Drake specializes in Chilean politics and, more generally, Latin American political economy.

David R. Mares, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor/Director-CILAS
Mares' research interests include international security, international political economy and Latin American civil-military relations.

Simeon Nichter, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Nichter is an expert on poor and marginalized populations in emerging democracies, with central reference to Latin America.

Agustina Paglayan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Paglayan's research centers on how politics shapes education and human capital; much of her work focuses on Latin America.

Sebastian M. Saiegh, Ph.D., Professor
Saiegh's research focuses on comparative politics, political economy and institutions.

Peter H. Smith, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Smith is an expert on NAFTA and negotiations for the Free Trade Area of the Americas, drug trafficking and drug policy.


Department of Physics

Javier Duarte, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
As part of the Compact Muon Solinoid (CMS) experiment at the Cern Large Hadron Collider, Dr. Duarte and his group perform measurements of high momentum Higgs bosuns and searches for exotic new physics.

Department of Sociology

Abigail Andrews, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Andrews is an expert on gender, politics, rural Mexico, and Mexican migration to the United States.

David Fitzgerald, Ph.D., Professor/Gilded Chair/Co-Director-CCIS
Fitzgerald is an expert on international migration, race, ethnicity, nationalism and ethnicity; compative-historical and ethnographic methodology.

Carlos Waisman, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Waisman is an expert on democratization and the economic and political institutions of the southern cone particularly Argentina.

León Zamosc, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Zamosc is an expert on social movements, ethnicity and indigenous peoples, and rural sociology.

Department of Theatre & Dance

Julie Burelle, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Burelle's research is invested in a decolonizing project and is in conversation with the fields of Performance Studies, Cultural Studies, and Indigenous studies among others.

Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Mirle D. Rabinowitz Bussell, Ph.D., Lecturer/Academic Director/Associate Director
Bussell is an expert on community development and affordable housing.

Keith Pezzoli, Ph.D., Lecturer
Pezzoli does research and writing on environmental management systems, information technology and knowledge networking.

Department of Visual Arts

Edwin (Teddy) Cruz, M.F.A., Professor
Cruz's work dwells at the border between San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico, where he has been developing a practice and pedagogy that emerge out of the particularities of this bicultural territory.

Ricardo Dominguez, M.F.A., Associate Professor
Dominguez is an expert on electronic civil disobedience, hacktivism, digital activism, information warfare.

Louis J. Hock, M.F.A., Professor Emeritus
Hock's research interests include film and video making and public art.

Elizabeth A. Newsome, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Newsome is an expert on the ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica, including the Aztec, Olmec and Izapan cultures.

Rubén Ortiz-Torres M.F.A., Professor
Ortiz-Torres is widely regarded as one of today's leading Mexican Artists and as an innovator in the 1980s.

Mariana Wardwell, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Wardwell's research interests include art history and the overlap of art, politics and theory.

Scripps Institute of Oceanography

Octavio Aburto Oropeza, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Aburto's research interests center on nursey habitats in the Gulf of California, particularly mangroves, which are scarce, small and threatened by human development in this region.



Sarah A. Buck Kachaluba, M.L.I.S., Ph.D. (History), Subject Specialist, Latin American Studies and Iberian Languages and Literatures

Sarah’s historical research focuses on 20th-century women’s history, gender roles, and population and reproductive politics in 20th-century Latin America (especially Mexico) and her library research examines the advantages, disadvantages, and research abilities offered by digital vs. print Humanities research resources and digitization, the development of the e-book and the future of the book in Spain and Latin America, and the opportunities offered by digital scholarship.

Harold Colson, Subject Specialist, International Relations and US History.