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2014-2015 Seminar and Other Events

Spring 2015

June 8, 2015 Film Presentation ¨l’Endemਠ(The Day After)-subtitles in English

L Endema

●May  21, 2015 CILAS Graduate Symposium
Presentations given by Tinker Field Research Grant Recipients


Amy Kennemore-Anthropology "Extraction, Revolution, and Plurinationalism: Rethinking Resource Extraction Narratives from Bolivia"

Jason Kjosling-Anthropology “Marine Resources at an Inland Tiwanaku Colony: Ritual-Economy in an Early Andean State”

Paloma Checa-Gismero-Visual Arts "Robarte el arte, an experimental documentary about an art biennial"

Priscilla Garcia-Anthropology “Looking for God and politics in Brazil”

Areli Palomo-LAS “The dynamics of violence behind migration in El Salvador”


Claudia Vizcarra, LAS “Epistemic Violence and the Decolonization of the University: Comparative
Philosophies between UCSD and UNAM”


Megan Horton, LAS “Burning Memory: Amnesty against Justice? Historical Memory and Continued Polarization in Postwar El Salvador”

Amrah Salomon-Ethnic Studies “Sembrando Sueños: Decolonial Pedagogy, Indigenous Autonomy, and the Cultural Work of the Partido Liberal México”

Jorge Ramirez-Literature “Poéticas de emergencia en CADA desde la perspectiva de Diamela Eltit CADA’s Emergency poetics from the perspective of Diamela Eltit ”

Ryan Guillemette-SIO “Organic Matter Characterization and Microbial Response During A Coral Mass Spawning Event”

Troy Kokinis-History “Anarchism and Armed Struggle in Mid-Twentieth Century Rio de la Plata”

●May 14, 2015 Bolivian Post-neoliberalism: An Alternative Development Model?


Dr. Nam Kwon Mun is a professor at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

●April 17, 2015 Book Discussion
The Revolution is for the Children:
The Politics of Childhood in Havana and Miami, 1959-1962


Anita Casavantes Bradford is Assistant Professor of History and Chicano/Latino Studies at University of California Irvine.

●April 16, 2015 Dance: The Politics of Patronage in
the Cuban Republic


Elizabeth Schwall is a PhD candidate in Latin American and Caribbean History at Columbia University and Visiting Gradaute Student in CILAS.                      

April 15, 2015 Civility, Victimhood and Citizenship in Post-dictatorship Chile


Helene Risor is Assistant Professor and Researcher at the Interdisciplinary Research Center for Indigenous and Intercultural Studies (ICIIS) at the Anthropology Program at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Post Doc Fellow at the Department of Anthropology at Copenhagen University.

April 10, 2015 The Portuguese language and sociolinguistic
aspects of the Brazilian Amazon


Dr. Alvaro Fernando Rodrigues da Cunha, received his Doctorate degree from the University of São Paulo followed by post-doctoral training at the State University of Campinas

●April 2, 2015  Visioning a Transit City: Transit Planning and Citizen Participation in Quito, Ecuador


Julie Gamble, Intercampus Exchange Program Student

Winter 2015

March 5, 2015 Cultural Memory as Official Memory: Historical Narratives among Xavante Indians, Pioneers and Gauchos in Nova Xavantina, Brazil.


Natalia Araujo de Oliveira, Visiting Graduate Student, CILAS

February 26, 2015 Oil and Regime Type in Venezuela: Reversing the Causal Arrow


Javier Corrales, Dwight W. Morrow 1895 Professor and Chair of Political Science at Amherst College in Massachusetts.

February 19, 2015 Spirituality that is good: Research, public policy, and clinical practice for the promotion of spirituality as a dimension of human health.


Rodrigo Toniol, Visiting Graduate Student in Anthropology and CILAS, UCSD.

February 12, 2015 CILAS Graduate Symposium
Presentations given by Tinker Field Research Grant Recipients


Ellen Kozelka-Anthropology Who is the Interno?: Identity and the “Drug Addict” along the Southern California-Baja California Border


Giacomo Gaggio-Anthropology Plants of the Tiwanaku Gods: results of a PaleoEthnoBotanical analysis from the site of Omo M10A, Moquegua, Peru.


Matthew Sitek-Anthropology Community Life on the Tiwanaku Frontier: Household Archaeological Investigations in the Locumba Valley, Peru


Johnathan Abreu-History Frontiers Beyond Abolition: The Legacy of Quilombos in Northern Brazil


Sara Bivin-LAS Indigenous Territorial Rights in Panama: The Ngabe-Bugle and their Struggle for Autonomy and Control of their Comarca.

Young hyun

Young-Hyun Kim-History A Boy Who “Leaps through Time:” An Archival Life in Cochabamba, Bolivia


Abigail Libbin Cannon-SIO Survey of Crustaceans, Salinity, and Benthic Cover in Shipstern Lagoon and Corozal Bay, Belize.


Claudia Rafful-Global Health The Role of Public Health in Drug Policy in Uruguay and Mexico


Emily Little-Psychology Infant-caregiver Interaction and Early Social Learning in Rural Bolivia

January, 30-31, 2015 BRASA National Conference

Brasa Conf1

Heitor Schueroff, Jonas De Castro, and Linus Grasel

Brasa Conf2

January, 29, 2015 The success and failure of indigenous organizations to influence land and natural resources policies and their implementation in the Andes


Sara Eichert, UC EAP Visiting Research Student/Scholar

January, 17, 2015 The Southern Cone in the Periphery

January 17

Fall-December 2014

●December 3, 2014 IXKIK
Performed by AJCHOWEN: A Mayan Women’s Theater Group


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Fall-November 2014

Fall-October 2014

Summer-August 2014

●CILAS' 2014 Teacher Insitute on Incorporating Latin American Studies into your Classroom: Immigration

August 21, 2014

 t i 6

Wayne Cornelius

CCIS Director Emeritus and Theodore Gildred Distinguished Professor of Political Science and U.S.-Mexican Relations, Emeritus Co-Director, Center of Expertise on Migration and Health


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Hillary Kosnac

Staff Research Associate

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Katia Hansen

J.D. Director of Programs & Development, UURISE

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