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Spring 2016

Rethinking the Informal Economy: An analysis of the Tianguis in Mexico City

Yin li

Yin Li, Visiting Graduate Student

Barrio Redevelopment from an Asian Perspective:The Case of Barrio Logan


Yuening Hu, Visiting Scholar

A Tale of Secrecy and Democracy: Civilians and the Management of Military Documents in Brazil


Karina Rodrigues, Visiting Graduate Student

Regional powers and peace operations: The Brazilian case in comparative perspective


Igor Daniel Palhares Acacio, Fulbright Visiting Research Student

Voting under Franco’s and Salazar’s regimes after 1945

Carlos Domper

Carlos Domper, Visiting Graduate Student

The Construction of the Feminist Subject: The Case of the Autonomous Feminist Movement in the Basque Country (1975-1994)


Maialen Aranguren, Visiting Graduate Student

Winter 2016

Fall 2015