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Fall 2016

●October 25, 2016 Fall Reception sponsored by CILAS, CCIS, LAS, & USMEX

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alex claudia

●November 10, 2016 Seminar, The Government-Press relations in the State of Mexico and its influence on journalistic culture. Patricia Maldonado, Visiting Graduate Student


Winter 2017

●February 23, 2017 Seminar, Facing political backlash: lessons learned from an intervention project and the social response to AIDS in Brazil. Vera Paiva, Visiting Scholar

Seminar Vera


●February 2, 2017 Seminar, The Reverse Coattail Effect Revisited: Intra-Party Linkages and Electoral Performance in Brazil, 1996-2010. George Avelino, Visiting Scholar



Spring 2017

●April 6, 2017 Seminar, Neuropolitics, antidepressants and the rise of neuro-narratives in Catalonia (Spain).
Angel Martínez-Hernáez, Visiting Scholar


●April 13, 2017 Seminar, Evangelical Churches and Voting Influence in Brazil.
Claudia Cerqueira do Nascimento, Visiting Graduate Student.


●May 4, 2017. Seminar, Doomed by the Body: Against Discrimination in the 21st Century along the San Diego-Tijuana Border . Gustavo A. Cerecer, Visiting Scholar.


●May 11, 2017. Seminar, Histories of the old Empire: The American colonial world in the historical thought of Spain and Great Britain (1860-2012). Rodrigo Escribano Roca, Visiting Graduate Student.


●June 1, 2017. Seminar, A perspective of Brazilian political cleavage, taking in account the new media environment and the escalade of hate speech during the 2014 presidential election. Angelo Carnieletto Muller, Visiting Graduate Student.